Budgar in the News – Body Found

“Budgar” found a body – 28 April 1959

By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.My mom met my stepfather, Edgar (aka “Bud” and “Budgar”) in 1961. He used to tell the story of when he found a body on the railroad tracks down along the river in Minneapolis, only a few hundred yards from where I had a store in the 1990s at St. Anthony Main. He used to say reporting the body was a real regret. The police questioned him for hours and kept him from getting to work. He lost half a day’s pay for doing the right thing. He said if he ever saw a body again, he’d just keep going and swear he didn’t see a thing. It is a sad commentary that doing the right thing can cost the Samaritan.

Anyway, I found the Minneapolis Star article, dated 28 April 1959, thanks to Newspapers.com, which describes the story and Budgar’s role in finding the body and reporting the incident.

Body Found on Rail Spur; Gang Violence Feared


The first report of the shooting came shortly after 6 a.m. when Edgar J. Matson, 33, 181 NE. 41st Av., Columbia Heights spotted the body while driving to his St. Paul job.

Matson told police he had first thought the man was either sick or drunk.

The tire tracks….

From the article I learned:

My stepfather lived at 181 NE 41st Ave, Columbia Heights, in 1959.

—– Disclosure —–


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