Mother’s Day 2020 – Dancing Trees

Today, I remember my mother, who passed away last fall. I miss her love of art, music, and poetry.  She wrote the following poem many years ago and remember her as I recite it out loud.

Dancing Trees

By Sylvia Matson

‘Have you ever seen trees dance?’
My grandma asked me
As I snuggled on her lap
One lovely summer day.

‘Trees are big and strong.
Their roots run deep in the soil,’
I laughed and said. ‘Trees can’t dance.
I’m sure, grandma, you’re wrong.’

‘Oh, my darling grandchild,
You’re looking the wrong way.
Instead of looking down, dear one,
Look up high today.

‘See how the leaves and
Branches reach up toward the sky?
They seem to twist and sway
As the breezes wander by.

‘Sometimes you hear the
Rustle of leaves high in the air.
They sound almost like
Pretty skirts, ladies used to wear.

‘Next time you walk
Among the trees,
Look up. Then you’ll agree.
Grandma was right.

Trees can dance and
Do so beautifully.’

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