Five Women – Four Identified

Farrington, Lane, Mills, & Perry Identified

Photo Friday
By Don Taylor

Very good week for my Photo Identification Project. Four individuals were identified, however, one was not.

Family Search

Katie Farrington who married Starrett of Warren, Maine“Katie Farrington – Who married Starrett of Warren, Maine.”

There is a Katie Ella Farrington (of Gardner) who married Henry Vaill Starrett (of Warren) on January 1, 1901, in Gardner. Katie was 36 at the time of the marriage. I believe this photo to be of Katie, probably in 1900. See photo at Family Search.

Edith H Lane
“Edith H Lane.” No studio, date, or location information. However, this appears to be the Edith H Lane, born June 1871 of Simeon and Mary Lane who lived in Brownfield, Oxford County, Maine. She married Frederick W. Jameson on 28 December 1914.  This appears to be a photo of this Edith H Lane. See her photo at Family Search.

Miss Mills - Nurse“Miss Mills – Nurse” was taken at Hanson Studio, 12 Monument Square in Portland, Maine.

A look at the 1899 Portland City Directory discovered a Miss Inez L. Mills that was a nurse at 597 Congress, boarded the same place. I saw no other nurses with the Mills surname. It appears that Miss Mills was a nurse in Portland from 1898 to 1905. The 1920 Census finds the 47-year-old Inez living in Portland at 684 Congress Street and working as a registered nurse for the Red Cross. The 1880 Census finds Inez living with her parents Melvin J. and Abby Mills in Belgrade, Kennebec County, Maine. Finding no other “Miss Mills” that was a nurse in the Portland area, I am confident this is Inez L. Mills. Inez Luella Mills (1872-1944). See her photo at Family Search.

Agnes Perry“Agnes Perry” – The photo is that of a young woman taken at Merrill Studio, Rockland, Maine. There is no date nor any other information. A search for “Agnes Perry” Rockland Maine provided a link to Agnes Mae (Perry) Radley on Find-a-Grave. It said This Agnes was born 2 Aug 1891 in Rockland, Knox County Maine. She married Franklin Leroy Radley in 1912. A search for her on Family Search found her with her parents in Rockland during the 1900 and boarding at 58 Camden Street in Rockland during the 1910 Census. A wider search indicated no other Agnes Perry’s in Maine during this period, so I’m sure this is the correct Agnes Perry. Agnes Mae (Perry) Radley, (1891-1963). See her photo at Family Search.


Unknown Woman - Corson Studio, Madison, METhe last photo I looked at this week was of a woman standing. No name, no date, the only identifying items is that the photo was taken at Corson Studio in Madison, Maine. I posted a copy of the photo to the Madison Maine Historical Society Facebook page and asked if anyone can recognize the person.

Final Note

If you are related to any of these individuals or can help identify or confirm their identities, I would love to hear from you. Please use the form below.

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