The Butterfield Bible – Part 3 – Deaths

Cover of the Daisy Butterfield Bible

I recently received a copy of the “Butterfield Bible” from a friend who asked that I share its contents with the “Genealogy World.”  The bible is an 1889 edition that appears to have originally been owned by Daisy E. Butterfield of Marseilles, Illinois, who put her name inside the front cover in 1889.  The section between the Old and New Testaments includes “Family Record” sheets for Marriages, Births, and Deaths. This is a transcript of the “Deaths.”


Deaths entered in the Bible

Daisy Butterfield Bible – Deaths
  • Lottie Butterfield – July 16, 1877.
  • Charlie Butterfield – Dec 14, 1873.
  • Fannie Leora Eichelberger – Jan 29, 1898.
  • P. A. Butterfield – April 23, 1913.
  • Sarah A. Butterfield – March 5, 1923.
  • Melvin K. Parr – husband of Lois Antoinette Butterfield Parr in Los Angeles, Calif.[i] [1928?]
  • Fredrich M. Eichelberger, husband of Alice M. Butterfield Eichelberger in Long Beach California.[ii] [1928?]
  • Louis Augustus Butterfield – Jan. 5th, 1942 – Marseille, Ills.
  • Lois Antoinette Butterfield Parr – Aug. 20, 1944 – Woodstock, Ills.
  • Alice Mabel Butterfield Eichelberger – January 26, 1951 – San Diego, Calif.

Final Comment

If you are a descendant of Sarah Ella “Daisy” (Butterfield) Larrabee (1879-1953), please contact me. I would love to reunite this bible with the family.


[i] The date of 1928 is somewhat disconnected from the entry for Melvin Parr and for Fredrick Eichelberger.  The date clearly applies to one or the other, but this document doesn’t provide clear evidence.

[ii] Ibid.

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