Donna in the News – 10 March 1927

Donna Darling Revue. at the Carolina Theatre, Charlotte, SC, March 10 & 11, 1927.

I recently found two ads that ran in the Charlotte Observer on March 10 & 11, 1927. The “Donna Darling Revue with Sammy Clark” was mentioned as playing at the Carolina Theatre. Donna was the second act.

Ad for acts playing at the Carolina Theatre, 10 March 1927 includes the Donna Darling Revue.
Ad for the Carolina Theater, Charlotte, SC, on 10 March 1924 showing the Donna Darling Revue. Image via

On stage with Donna were:

  • Baldwin & Blair in “Hay! Hay” (the headline act)
  • Donia and Dunlevy — The Italian Sheik and Southern Gentleman
  • Corinne Arbuckle
  • Lamont Four

Plus the Film Version of Belasco stage success “The Music Master.”

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