Minerva Kenrick, Mrs. Kimball, and two other photos

Photo Friday

I only had a chance to look at four photos this week. I’m sure I identified one of them. One of the images I believe I’ve identified, and one is a complete unknown. The last photo is a location, probably in North Yarmouth.

Family Search

Minerva Kenrick” is the photo of a woman probably in her late 30s to early 50s. She appears to be wearing some kind of funky hat. My review indicated there were two people in Maine named Minerva Kenrick.

  • 1850 – The first Minerva Kenrick, born about 1809, is the apparent wife of Francis Kenrick living in China, Kennebec County.
  • 1860 – A Minerva Kenrick, born about 1808, is the apparent wife of Francis Kenrick residing in Fairfield, Somerset County.
  • 1870 – A Minerva Kendrick, born about 1810, is the apparent mother of Edward Kenrick living in Waterville, Kennebec County.
  • 1875 – Minerva Crowell Kenrick, born December 6, 1808, died August 19, 1875, in Waterville, Kennebec County, and was buried in Pine Grove Cemetery.


Minerva Kenrick
Minerva Kenrick
  • 1900 – A second Minerva Kenrick was born in March 1872; she appears as a boarder in Portland, Cumberland County in 1900.
  • 1910 – A Minerva born about 1871, is the head of a household including her mother (Mary), ten nurses and six domestics in Portland, Cumberland County.
  • 1920 – a Minerva, born about 1873, appears as a boarder in Portland, Cumberland County.
  • 1922 – Minerva Kenrick, born in 1872, died on January 18, 1922, in Portland, Cumberland County.
  • 1922 – Minerva Kenrick, born February 18, 1871, died January 18, 1922, in Portland and was buried at Pine Grove Cemetery, Waterville, Kennebec County.

Clearly, there were two Minerva Kenrick’s in Maine. One lived long before this photo was taken. The other died at 50 during the early 1920s. This photo most assuredly is the second Minerva Kendrick (1871-1922), who appears to have never married.

Dead Fred

Mrs. Kimball - Mrs. Kendall's mother“Mrs. Kimball – Mrs. Kendall’s mother” is a photo of a woman on a couch with a chair nearby.  The picture is “artsy,” having been taken from very low, below table height.

I didn’t find anything in Family Search, but a search on Ancestry led to my suspicion that the photo is of Sarah M (Parker) Kimball (1834-1900), whose daughter, Susan married Edgar Kendall in 1896 in Milford, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. It fits that this could be a photo of Sarah between 1896 and her death in 1900.


Unknown - April 21, '06 - Lived in No. BerwickUnknown – April 21, ’06 – lived in No. Berwick” is a photo of an unnamed woman.  I sent an email (with digital image) to the North Berwick Historical Society to see if someone there might be able to identify the individual.



Wecustigo Valley FarmWescustigo Valley Farm” – The barn has a sign indicating 1872. My internet research suggests that this might be located in North Yarmouth. I emailed them to confirm.


Final Note

If you are related to any of these families and can help precisely identify them, I’d love to hear from you.

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