Ancestor Sketch – Edward Lamb

By Don Taylor

Howell/Darling – Ancestor #54

List of Grandparents

  • Grandfather: Robert Harry Darling
  • 1st Great-grandmother: Hannah McAllister
  • 2nd Great-grandmother: Margaret Mary Lamb
  • 3rd Great-grandfather: Edward Lamb
  • 4th Great-grandfather: Edward Lamb

Edward Lamb (c. 1831-c. 1893)


Edward Lamb was christened on 15 January 1832 in Warcop, Westmorland, England[i]. As such, I suppose he was born in late 1831. His parents were Edward and Ann Lamb.  He was born in Warcop, Westmorland, England. It appears that he was the middle of three children. A sister, Isabella, was about two years older and another sister, Mary, about three years younger. All were born in Sanford/Warcop area[ii].

The death certificate for his daughter, Margaret, indicates that her father was born in Sanford, England.[iii]  As there is no Sanford, England and a very small village, Sandford, is next to Warcop, England, so I’m sure that is what was intended.


Sandford is a very rural farm area today, and I’m quite certain it was the same then. His father, also named Edward, died when Edward, the child, was only eight years old.

Sir George Hayter’s coronation portrait of the Queen

While little Edward was growing up, slavery was abolished in the British Empire and Victoria ascended to the throne of England.

By the 1841 Census, nine-year-old Edward was living with his mother and his two sisters.[iv] Also, with the family was Dorothy Bradley; I’m not sure who Dorothy is or how she is related. They were enumerated in Soulby, Westmorland, England. (Westmorland is now Cambria, England).  My suspicion is that she is directly related and Ann and the children moved in with her for a short while after Ann was widowed. I need to do more research on Dorothy.

The 1851 Census finds Edward living with his mother, Ann, and his sister, Isabell, in Soulby. Ann has a 13-acre Farm. Both Isabella and Edward are “employed at home.”[v]


Edward married Isabella Atkinson on 27 November 1853 in Warcop, Westmorland, England[vi]. They had five children.

Children of Edward and Isabella (Atkinson) Lamb[vii]

Child Birth Marriage Death
Jane Lamb Abt. 1852
Ann Lamb Bef. 26 Mar 1859
Margaret Mary Lamb 28 Apr 1860
Appleby in Westmorland
22 Aug 1878

Peter McAllister

14 Jan 1929
Mount Oliver, PA
James Cooper Lamb Bef 18 May 1862
Edward Lamb (3rd) Apr-May 1864
Kendal, Westmorland


The 1861 Census finds Edward working as a Victualer. A victualer is the keeper of a restaurant or tavern.[viii] With him are Isabella and Margaret. Dorothy Bradley, who Edward was living with during 1841, is visiting them.[ix]

The 1871 Census finds Edward again living with his mother and two sisters.  Ann is listed as widowed and is the owner of the house and land they are on. Edward is listed as a laborer.[x]

Edward’s daughter Margaret moved to Maryport (50 miles westward on the coast) where she met and then married Peter McAllister. Margaret’s 1878 marriage registry entry indicates her father, Edward, was an Inn Keeper.[xi]

In 1881, the Census record indicates that Edward was back in Sandford and was the proprietor of a house and land and was an annuitant[xii]. He is listed as married, however, neither his wife nor his children were with him. Something to note is that in England, the Census records indicate where a person was on a particular date, not where they live. So, Edward’s wife and children could have been visiting someone on April 3rd, and the census records would have put them at that location.

The 1891 Census finds Edward living in Warcop again. There he is living “on his own means.” He is listed as married, but again, his wife does not appear with him.[xiii]


Edward died on 1 November 1893 in Sandford of Cirrhosis of Liver and Pulmonary Congestion. His sister, Mary Lamb, was present at his death.


Edward Lamb (1831-1893) spent his entire life in Westmorland, England. All of his known life events took place within five miles of each other – Sandford, Warcop, Soulby, and Kirkby Stephen.


Census: I have been successful in finding Edward Lamb in all of the Census records during his life.

BMD Records: I have been unsuccessful in finding a birth record for Edward, however, I did find his christening record. I have found his marriage and his death record.

Cemetery: I have not been successful in finding his burial location.

Further Actions / Follow-up

  • Research Dorothy Bradley and determine the relationship of her.
  • Research the lives of Edward’s children; Jane, Ann, James, and Edward.
  • Research Schools in the area to see if school records can be found.
  • Search property and tax records for the Lambs in Westmorland (Cumbria).
  • Search for the location of Edward’s burial.
  • Search for a will and probate records for Edward.

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