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In Part 7 of my ThruLinestm analysis, I’m looking closely at matches with my 2nd great-grandfather, William Henry Brown (c. 1843- c. 1888). The first group of matches included 12 matches descended from Arthur Durwood Brown. I looked at those matches just a few months ago in Part 2 of this series. However, as I have learned how to use ThruLines better, I feel it is important to revisit them.

The 12 Children of Arthur Durwood & Mary Elizabeth (Manning) Brown

Clyde Leroy Brown (1894-1971) – No DNA Matches.

Clyde Leroy Brown – Married twice – had seven children (that I know of).

Victoria C. Brown (1896-1998) – One Known Match

I confirmed the one descendant of Victoria C Brown who has tested with Ancestry DNA and who has a tree on Ancestry previously.

Clarence Arthur Brown (1897-1988) – No DNA Matches.

Clarence Arthur Brown – Married twice – had four children (that I know of).

Martin Brown (1900-1900) – Died as an infant.

Cora Elsie Brown (1901-1986) – No DNA Matches.

Cora Elsie (Brown) Seaborn Petersen – Married twice – had four children (that I know of).

Richard Earl Brown (1903-1990) – Four DNA Matches

The four matches descended from my grandfather Richard Earl Brown. I either manage or am in regular contact then.

Dorothy Brown (c. 1906-1908) – Died as a young child.

Edward Lewis Brown (1908-1998) – One DNA Match.

Next is a descendant of Edward Lewis Brown. After contacting “TB,” I have determined that “TB” is a 2nd cousin once removed.

Arthur Eugene Brown (1912-1996) – Two DNA Matches.

Next, are two descendants of Arthur Eugene Brown. The first one, “J.B.,” and I have been in contact previously.

The second match reminds me that Ancestry DNA ThruLines does get it wrong sometimes. “JO,” according to Ancestry, is a 2nd cousin with whom I share 20 cM of DNA. That is far below the range expected of 2nd cousins (should be 46 to 515 cM). His online Ancestry tree only has his father’s name and doesn’t connect with anyone I have in my tree. So, I’ve emailed him to see if he has a tree elsewhere. Followup!

Charles William Brown (1914-1990) – No DNA Matches

Charles William Brown – Married twice – had six children (that I know of).

Delores Sarah Brown (1917-2011) – Three DNA Matches

I have two second cousins and one second cousin once removed that descend from Delores Sarah Brown. The three are each descended from a different “Larson” girl.

“TB” and I share 180 cM across 12 Segments. I have been in contact with him, however, not for several years.

“CL” is descended a great-grandchild of Deloris. We share only 25 mM of DNA. That is lower than typical but still within the range of 2nd cousins once removed. I have messaged him on Ancestry twice earlier this year and have not received a response. He appears not to have logged into Ancestry since January 2018 (over a year ago). Followup!

“CB” and I share 147 cM over nine segments. CB and I share trees and are friends on FaceBook.

Nettie M V Brown

Finally, I have two 2nd cousins descended from Nettie Brown. I have been in contact with “BB” and “NB” through both email and Facebook.


I was astonished to learn that of the ten children of Arthur and Mary Brown who lived to adulthood, I only had DNA Matches on Ancestry with six of them. If you are a descendant of Clyde, Cora, Clarence, or Charles and have not tested with Ancestry DNA, I encourage you to do so. It will be great to see you added to the tree. Also, if you have tested with Ancestry DNA and haven’t linked you and your DNA to a place on a tree, please do so. It will help us better understand this pioneer family’s descendants. Although Arthur died long before I was born, I remember Great-grandma Brown quite well from the dozen or so visits we had in Motley.

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