DNA – Glennis’ Paternal Search – Part 12

Following Morgan/Morgan (Orien & James)
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.My half-sister Glennis is a DNA match on Ancestry.Com with several individuals who have common ancestors with Nathan Smith Morgan and his wife, Belinda Odell. In the search to determine Glennis’ biological father, I am continuing to develop a tree of the descendants of Francis and Fannie (McGregor) Morgan of Pleasants County, West Virginia. This time I look at Sarah D. Morgan, Orien Morgan, and James Cyrus Morgan. They are the ninth, tenth, and eleventh of eleven (known) children to be examined.

Francis and Fannie (McGregor) Morgan’s 11 (known) children

Child Children Notes/comments
Clara M Morgan Gail Hemsworth
Naomi Hemsworth
Married Everett Luzader

Married Earl Deem

Henry Clifford Morgan None. Died at age 15.
Lewis V. P. Morgan Lula Edna Morgan
Opal Jean Morgan
Died at age 2.

Married William Davis

Rosa Virginia Morgan Carrie Vernice May

Clara Bernice May

Mary Fannie May

Edna Marie May

Roy Harold May

Married Pearl W. Dutton

Married Hezekiah Martin Morrison

Married Floyd T. Williamson

Married Clarence Gorell

Married Della Olive Hooper

Dora D. Morgan None Died at age 2.
Ephraim Stokeley Morgan Helen Virginia Morgan

Ralph W. Morgan

Married Louis Scott – No  Candidates

Died at age 1

Nathan Spencer Morgan None (Apparently) Married Alice Redding
John A. Morgan Louise
Harold A
Mildred Eloise
Erma Ruth
Died as Infant.
Married Iris Edith Estep – 3 children.
Married Van Bert Franks – 1 child.Married Wilbert Clayton Bauer – No children.
Sarah D Morgan   See Dora D Morgan above.
Orien E. Morgan Melvel Cyrus
Clarence Kendle
Richard Albert
Glen E
Carl Morgan
Married – Daughter b. 1933

Married – Son b. 1938

Married 1936.

Not a Candidate

Died as infant

James Cyrus Morgan James J

Alice Morgan

Betty Morgan

Not a Candidate

Not Considered

Not Considered

Sarah D Morgan was born on 4 June 1876 to Francis & Fannie Morgan. This was a single birth. The same date and same parents indicate that the two individuals, Dora D. Morgan and Sarah D. Morgan are the same person. The child was buried as Dora D, so I use that name and have merged the individuals.

Birth, Marriage & Death CollectionOrion E. Morgan was born on 1 Sept 1878 in West Virginia. He married Grace Martin about 1906; they had five boys, Mervel, Clarence, Richerd, Glen, and Carl. None of them appear to have had boys between 1925 and 1935. He died in 1973 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

James Cyrus Morgan was born in October of 1880. He married Annie Cecil [LNU]. They had one son and two daughters, none of them appear to have children between 1925 and 1935.

That completes my look AT the children of Francis and Fannie (McGregor) Morgan. I have not found any strong candidates with this group.  Francis was the first of twelve children of Nathan Smith Morgan and Belinda Odell, so I will continue…


Next, I’ll look at the descendants of Samson G Morgan, son of Nathan Smith Morgan and Belinda Odell, who was born in 1842.

Note – My Criteria:

  • “Candidates” are males born between 1925 and 1935.
  • “Not considered” are females who are unlikely to have had a male child between 1925 and 1935.
  • “Not a Candidate” are males born between 1915 and 1925 as being too young to have had a son between 1925 and 1935 and too old to be a candidate.
  • “Possible but unlikely” are males born between 1925 and 1935, but are not named Paul or Phil, which are the likely names of Glennis’ biological father, or otherwise don’t appear to fit the “likely candidate” criteria as being in Minnesota or Michigan in 1953. I will revisit these possibilities later of this project fails to find a potential candidate.


This is a quickly developed “notional” tree. I have all supporting documents regarding Orien Eli Morgan & descendants documents in a separate folder. All records used were found at the following sites:

For specific sources that I used, please email me or use the contact form below.

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