Donna in New York – April 1918

Donna was still in Boston in January, 1918 (See: “Boston Sunday Post – Play With Dolls To Banish Fatigue?”). She appears to have left for New York immediately after that because she “Began appearing on the “United Time” with Arthur Daly in February. What she did in March is unknown, but in April she “began to form an act” with George Kennier.

The New York Clipper for April 10, 1918 reported that:


Dinna Montran, of musical comedy fame, and George Kennier, principal with “Very Good Eddie” have framed a singing and dancing act for the Moss and Loew Circuits.

The following week, the Clipper reported that:

George Kennier and Dinna Montran will put on a new singing and dancing act within the near future.

Search as I have, I cannot find any mention of George Kennier other than these two mentions. Even an advertisement for “Very Good Eddie” which opened in December 1915 in Buffalo, NY doesn’t mention him, but it does mention 27 other cast members in that show. Additionally, these two entries in the Clipper are the only two places I’ve encountered “Dinna.”  I would have wondered if this were actually Donna, except Montran is such an unusual name and I know that Donna was in New York in February.

We don’t know if this show ever materialized. I have been unsuccessful finding Donna again until October when she is in Decatur, Illinois.


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  • New York Clipper – 17 April 1918, Page 19 (ABOUT YOU! AND YOU!! AND YOU!!!) Column 2.


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