Why I’ll never do business with MyHeritage again.

It is seldom that a company angers me enough that I say, “I’ll NEVER, NEVER EVER, do business with that company again.” MyHeritage has successfully achieved that status with me.

I was enticed to use MyHeritage when 23 and Me eliminated their own ancestry trees and transferred them to MyHeritage. My tree was transferred to MyHeritage and I eventually subscribed to them because of 23 and Me’s endorsement. I didn’t find their service particularly useful and decided to drop them.

Rant On

First of all, it seems that every responsible company I do business with sends a notification a week or two before an automatic renewal takes effect. On rare occasions, when a company doesn’t send such a notification, I have always been able to call them the following business day, have the automatic renewal canceled, and have the money refunded. Not so with MyHeritage.

screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-6-48-17-am-copyA few months ago I had gone onto Pay Pal and canceled my automatic renewal. I thought that I was done. But when I was charged, I checked Pay Pal and found there were two entries for MyHeritage.  The first one I had canceled. But there was a second entry.  It had an expiration date of Dec 13, 1901.  I had no idea that I had to cancel that too.  I thought, no problem, I’ll just call them, they’ll refund the money, and we’ll be square – No harm, no foul.

I was wrong. I explained I hadn’t used the service in months. I explained that I canceled one service. I explained that I didn’t realize I need to cancel a service that had an expiration date of 1901, to no avail.  After talking at length with a “customer service representative” the bottom line was, “We typically don’t refund renewal fees.” Finally, I asked to speak with a supervisor.

I waited several minutes. Finally, the same customer service representative came back. I couldn’t speak with his supervisor, but his supervisor said I could have half my money back and he’d allow the annual subscription to remain active for the year. Certainly, I felt disrespected by the supervisor who wouldn’t even speak with me. An unhappy customer with a problem deserves being spoken to; that is why supervisors usually have the flexibility to go outside standard protocols.

MyHeritage renewal canceled

Both entries now canceled

The good news is that I did receive half of my money back ($59.40). The bad news is that I paid half-price for a subscription that don’t want and I’ll never, never ever, use.

I believe Pay Pal is also culpable. Further investigation revealed that MyHeritage’s automatic subscriptions do expire in 80 years.  Had Pay Pal displayed an expiration date of Dec 13, 2095, instead of Dec 13, 1901, I would not have missed that I needed to cancel that also,

There are only a handful of companies that I’ll never do business with. Congratulations to MyHeritage, you have made my list.

Rant Off

Could MyHeritage come off my list? Sure; but, they would need to take the next step in making this former customer happy.  Have you had problems with MyHeritage and their renewal process?  If so, feel free to comment below. I’ll publish some of the better comments.

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5 Responses to Why I’ll never do business with MyHeritage again.

  1. Andrew says:

    Today I had an email from my heritage stating they were taking £90 out of my bank account – today. No consent was given for this, and no prior warning was given by my heritage. During a telephone call to their billing department this afternoon (15th March 2017) I was told that someone would have to call me back to discuss my request for a refund and that would typically take 3 or 4 days! None of my emails has even been acknowledged, let alone answered effectively. A complete disgrace and an embarrassment to the world of genealogy.

    • Andrew says:

      Further to my original response, I continued to fight for a refund. Someone did actually call me back and told me I had agreed to auto renew my subscription and that I should “read the small print”. I told him that wasnt acceptable. He went away and talked to his “manager”, who authorised a 50% refund. I told him that wasn’t acceptable either, as I had no intention of using their site again. Finally they agreed to refund me in full. An experience not to be forgotten! When I asked why they don’t send reminders before taking money, their response was that people get sick and tired of receiving too many emails, and only companies based within the EUROPEAN normally do that. MyHeritage are based in Israel apparently.


  2. Peter Hedman says:

    My wife and I had sepatrate pages on MyHeritage. We ordered DNA-kits. They sent all of the results (mine too) to her mail and her page. There seems to be no way I can move the data to my page. The support is rotten, to say the least. The Swedish help-desk that I was adviced to call never answer the phone – they do have a tape, though, where one can leave a message and they promise to call you back, but they NEVER do… We are also still waiting for the “Free Etnicity Reports”, that we most likey will never get. Too much money – down the drain…. 🙁 I really regret we started with this company…

  3. H.B. Hanna says:

    I will NEVER use MyHeritage again. Three reasons. First, they alarmed me by displaying very personal information which I never gave them such as addresses where I lived as a child. Second, I discovered they were renewing two annual subscriptions for me every year so that now my subscription is set to expire in 964 days (more than 2.5 years from now) even though in 6 months they will automatically renew again! Third, MyHeritage seems to run mostly on information from other people’s family trees which, as we all know, are rife with errors (mostly unintentional), but errors nonetheless. One more thing: They boast having a huge number of records but I’ve done much better searching other websites.

  4. Don Taylor says:

    I was very sorry to see that MyHeritage bought Legacy Family Tree software. Legacy was my favorite Windows based software. I’ve dropped it from my recommendations because it is now MyHeritage.

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