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William King Scrapbook

Page 36 – Benjamin Hawkes Family

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[We have a project at the Scarborough (Maine) Historical Society (SHS) where we are scanning and digitizing scrapbooks.  Most of the pages are newspaper clippings and other documents that lend themselves to optical character recognition (OCR); however, there are also pages that are handwritten.  To make those pages searchable within the final PDF document, I have been transcribing them as needed.]

Scrapbook, accession number 62.74.4, is a scrapbook of William King, which was donated to the SHS in 1962. Its contents are mostly newspaper clippings. The clippings go back to 1905, and the most recent clipping appears to be from 1952. The majority of the clippings are undated. The handwritten pages seem to be mostly genealogical lists of individuals that are ancestors of the King family and are also undated. The following page is from Page 36, as identified in the scrapbook index. The original page was scanned at 2550 × 3509. That file that is available through the SHS Museum. The image was duplicated, cropped, resized for the web to 379 × 583, and is displayed here.

From the “Scrapbook of William King” #62-74-4 – Page 36

Benjamin Hawkes family

Benjamin Hawkes born May 13. 1783.
Tamson Cobb Born March. 7. 1788.
Margaret Hawkes “ April 27. 1818.
Emily Hawkes “ June 10. 1815
Gilbert Hawkes “ January 21. 1817
Elias Hawkes “ June 15. 1819
Mary Ann Hawkes “ Feb. 4 .. 1824
Eliza Jane Hawkes “ Aor. 27 .. 1829.
Louisa Ann Hawkes “ March. 29 .. 1837

—————————————— / / ————————————— 

Benj. Hawkes died Feb. 7 ..1849
Tamson Hawkes “ Oc . t 3 .. 1848
Gilbert Hawkes “ Feb. 19 . 1860
Elias Hawkes “ Nov. 9 . 1844
Eliza Hawkes “ Aug . 10 . 1846

[Note: in pencil there are a number of marginal calculations for various dates which do not appear to  correspond to dates on this page. Some of the dates were also scribbled out. These marginal notes were not included in the above transcription.]

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