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MGS had a winning Spring Workshop.

I attended the Maine Genealogical Society (MGS) DNA Workshop last weekend. I was impressed with the conference organization and agenda. The logistics were excellent. Registration was easy; the conference program booklet was done well with a few extra blank pages … Continue reading

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Newspaper Research Day – 12 new venues for Donna Montran and “Chin Chin”

Newspaper Research Day Today was a Newspaper research day.  I utilized three of my favorite newspaper sites looking for places that the show “Chin Chin” was playing during April and May of 1920. “Chin Chin” has funny search results depending on … Continue reading

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Bio – Barney Brown (c. 1813-c 1865)

Brown By – Don Taylor Barney/Daney Brown is my third great-grandfather on my mother’s paternal line. I have not found much Barney or his life. In fact, I have only found him in two census records, which is barely enough … Continue reading

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“In 1897 Nothing Happened…” ‘cept a Shipwreck

by Don Taylor One of my wife’s nieces lives here in Scarborough. On her house, she has a sign which reads, “On This Site in 1897 Nothing Happened.” I know her home was built in the 1980s, as was most … Continue reading

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Bio – Clora Dell Scott Roberts Adams

Bio – Clora Dell Scott Roberts Adams (1883-1945) Clora Dell Scott Roberts AdamsPhoto from the Chris H. Bailey family photo collection. Clora Dell Scott is my great-grandmother on my newly found Roberts line. Because “O”s can look like “A”s when … Continue reading

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Another DNA Success Story

Cousins figure out relationship. One of my early atDNA matches was on Family Tree DNA. Family Tree DNA suggested that GV and I were probably 4th cousins. He had some Roberts in his tree, but I figured that there was … Continue reading

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DNA Testing and Shared Research on my Darling Line.

I just can’t express how important I find genetic genealogy. I often hear others talk about learning more about ancestors and finding other living relatives who might have information on your family that you don’t know. But, there is more … Continue reading

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Barber – Surname Lost?

Barber Surname Saturday Name Origin: Barber is an occupational name for a barber. Barbers of old not only cut hair and shaved beards, but also practiced surgery and pulled teeth.[i] Today (2014 data), there are 86,641 people with the Barber … Continue reading

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Play With Dolls To Banish Fatigue?

There was an amazing article in the Boston Sunday Post, regarding “Grown Women Who Play With Dolls To Banish Fatigue – Stars of Stage and Screen Enthuse Over Their New ‘Back-to-Nature’ Stunt That Gives Rest and Relaxation From Wearisome Work.”[i] The … Continue reading

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Not a Real McCoy nor a “Real” Hatfield either.

I finally had a chance to get back to my Hatfield Project. The question my friend asked was her Hatfield family related to the infamous Hatfields of West Virginia/Kentucky fame. In previous work I had found that my friend’s great-grandfather was … Continue reading

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