What Kind of Disease is “Feb. Int. Quot”?

AH-20 – Sylvanus Scoggins

Sometimes I’m not sure where to turn. I’ve looked at several sources and just haven’t found the answer to my question.

I was recently researching Sylvester Scoggins as part of my Adair project.  Sylvester was born in Georgia in 1840 and, as expected, he shows up in the Civil War records. Using Fold 3, I quickly looked at his record and saw where he enlisted, served his six-month enlistment, and was discharged as his company was dissolved.  Nine months later Sylvester shows as being admitted to  Ocmulgee Hospital in Macon, GA, for “Feb. Int. Quot”.

I suspect that “Feb” is probably flesh eating bacteria and that “Int.” is probably internal. But, I don’t have a clue what “Quot” is. Probably Latin for something, but I can’t figure it out for certain.  Alternately, maybe this be a case where the patient is being quoted as to what he thinks the disease is?  I don’t know what common practices were in that time and don’t know Latin.

If you know what “Feb. Int. Quot” is, please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to learn what it means.

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One thought on “What Kind of Disease is “Feb. Int. Quot”?”

  1. I enjoyed reading your "let me introduce you to…" article. I can't help you a bunch on this disease, but I think the first part, the "Feb", is actually for febrile which means "having or showing symptoms of fever." Hope this helps!

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