Frank Huseman – 100 years-old today

Today is a great day to remember “Uncle” Frank Huseman; he would be 100 years old today if he were still living. He wasn’t really an uncle to my wife, rather he was the husband of a first cousin twice removed. My wife recalls, 

“We didn’t see Uncle Frank Huseman very often, but I remember him as a tall man with a bushy mustache. Looking back, he reminds me of  the old cartoon character,  Mutt, when standing next to [Grand] Uncle Frank Kemon, who appeared to be his Jeff. I remember him as being a quiet man. He passed when I was a teenager, so my memories are that of a child.”

“Uncle Frank Huseman worked as a commercial artist, but I don’t recall much else. He and Aunt Katherine used to spend time in Woodstock, N.Y. In the summers, which was an artist colony before it gained fame as the location of the music festival in 1969. Around that time, he made a stained glass peace symbol for me as a Christmas gift. I still have it  and it’s hanging in my studio window, and I always think of him when I look at it.” 

Marker: Frank & Katherine Huseman
Photo by W. Warder (#48674604)

Frank Husman married Katherine Lane (date unknown). 

Frank died on 18 March 1973. According to Find-a-Grave, he is buried in Site 6, Lot 370, Section K, at Glenwood Cemetery, Washington, District Of Columbia, USA. He died at the age of 57. 

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