ISSUU – Another Genealogical Tool?

I’ve seen ISSUU before, but I have never had a chance to really explore it. I thought I’d give it a look and see what I might find there.

I was amazed. A simple search for “Genealogy Maine” brought up about 11,000 results.[i] I quickly found that “Discover Maine” magazine has a regular feature, “The Genealogy Corner” by Charles Francis. The “Welcome Guide to Franklin County, Maine” let me know that the Strong Historical Society has a display of the town’s saga as the “Toothpick Capital of the World.” There is also a regular magazine, “The Downeast Shamrock” which is “A Monthly Journal of Irish Heritage and Genealogy in Maine, New England, the Northeast, and Canada. A very interesting publication.

On Issuu, you can clip individual articles, share an article through Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, email and more. You can also create “stacks” for your magazines. For example, you could create a stack just for “The Downeast Shamrock.”

Sadly, you can’t download any of the books or magazines as PDFs; however, knowing the title you can sometimes find a PDF version on the internet.

I will definitely add ISSUU to my research sites. There will often be too many items but if you are specific in your searches and you might find a real gem.


[i] ISSUU provides thumbnail results that are not numbered.  I used a google search “Genealogy Maine” to provide the approximate number.
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