Where was Mary (aka Mame) Dowd Angley Born?

By – Don Taylor

I was doing some research for a genetic cousin attempting to find a common ancestor. My goal was to determine Mary Dowd’s mother’s surname. It was frustrating because it kept appearing like her husband, Michael Angley, was married several times to multiple wives all named Mary. It took quite a bit of research to prove to myself that Michael was only married once and that his “wives,” Mame Doud, Mamie Doude, and Mary Dabb, were the same person. The birth date changed from record to record, something that I’ve come to accept, but her birthplace changed several times and even her parents’ birthplaces changed occasionally. That is problematic and I thought, for sure, there were two different people. I thought the key was in the family relationships and following all of the children, the results of which I found frustrating as well. I knew I had to chart her places of birth to understand the picture of what was going on.

When I started, I knew very little about Mary Dowd. She was born about 1874 in Pennsylvania. She was married to Michael Angley who was born about 1870 in Connecticut. They had a child Charles, born March 4, 1896 in Pringle, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, and the family was living in Pringle in 1910.

First, I looked closely at the census records. I found the family in the 1910, 1920, and 1930 censuses. Then I got concerned. The 1910 Census indicated Mary was born in PA, but the 1920 and 1930 Censuses indicated she was born in New Jersey[1] [2]. Oh my. My initial thought was that there were two Mary Angleys – One born in PA and the other in NJ. I then found their marriage registration entry and became even more confused. It said her name was Mame Doud, her birthday was the same as her husband’s, 21 Feb 1873, and both were born in New Jersey and they were married 24 Apr 1895.

I thought, maybe if I follow the children I’d see there were actually two mothers.

Following the Census records I found there were 12 children. Two died young (before the 1910 Census). That left 10 children to follow and I thought their Marriage records would be a great help. Family Search is excellent for that. Because I knew the family lived in Luzerne County, PA for many years, I searched Luzerne County for any marriages involving Angley. I found the following

Mother Born
Sarah Jones
24 Apr 1916
Mary Dowd
Edwardsville, PA
Martin Brennan
27 Jan 1921
Mary Dowd
Camden, NY
Mame (aka Mary)[5]
Walter Miles
13 Mar 1928
Mary Dowd
Camden, NJ
Margaret Brennen
20 Feb 1928
Mary Dowd
New Jersey
Madeline Brady
22 Dec 1930
Mary Dowd
Philadelphia, PA
Anthony Carlin
26 Nov 1936
Mary Dowd
Pringle, PA
Henry T Kelley
01 Mar 1938
Mary Dowd
Pringle, PA
Finally, her death certificate, for which her husband was the informant, says she was born in Edwardsville. See clipping of certificate below:
CROP of Mary (Dowd) Angley’s Death Certificate
Source: Pennsylvania, Death Certificates, 1906-1963, 
 The 1910 Census indicates that Michael and Mary had been
married for 15 years.  That would
indicate that all the children through Alberta would have Mary’s. The mile
distance between Edwardsville and Pringle is easy to explain. However, I don’t
understand why several of her children thought that she was born in New Jersey
or Philadelphia, which are over a hundred miles away.  It must have been one of them who answered
the census taker’s questions in 1920 and 1930. 

Finding her death certificate was fantastic.  I now knew her father’s name and was able to differentiate him from several other Dowd’s in the county with children named Mary. 

Finally, the death certificate provided the reason for my research on Mary Dowd Angley. Her mother’s name, Mary Quinn. 

Bio – Mary Dowd Angley (1873-1940)

Mary Dowd, was born 24 Feb 1873 in Edwardsville, PA to
Edward and Mary Quinn Dowd.
We know she had at least two sisters, Anna and
Margaret.  Further research is needed to
determine other siblings.
She married Michael Angley on 23 April 1895. 
The 1910 Census indicates that Mary had 8 children, 6 of
whom were living[10]. The
1920 Census added four more children that we know of.  Her children included:

Charles                 1896
Esther                   1899
Margaret              1902
Mary/Mame         1905
James                   1906
Ellen                     1907
Unknown                         Died before 15 Apr 1910.
Unknown                         Died
before 15 Apr 1910
Raymond              1911
Eugene                 1913
Alberta                 1915
Michael                 1918

In July of 1915 Mary’s sister Margaret visited[11].
In Jun of 1919 she underwent an operation at Nesbitt West
Side Hospital[12].
She lived at 498 Pringle Street from at least 1910 until her
death in 1940.  The home appears to still
be standing. Trulia
estimates the home to be a 1388 square feet two story home. Google Maps shows it as:

498 Pringle Street, Pringle, PA today
Courtesy: Google Maps
She died 4 January 1940 of Arteritis & Diabetes mellitus
and is buried at St. Ignatius Catholic Church Cemetery in Pringle, PA.[13]

Further Actions:
Further research is needed to determine Mary Dowd’s other siblings.

List of Greats
1. Mary Dowd
2. Edward Dowd

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