Mary Harvey (Marie Harvie) (1605-1661)

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 22 – Mary Harvey (Marie Harvie)  (c.1605 – c.1661)

I entered Mary Harvey’s dates as “circa” because I don’t remember what the dates are that I have for her. I actually think I know quite a bit about Mary’s life, however, because of several things I don’t have access to my records. The physical records I have for her are ten states away in a moving trailer in Maine.  The electronic records I have for her are on my computer which are also in Maine. Adding to my frustration is that my computer crashed so I will need to see if it is repairable or if I should replace it.  It is about 5 years old so it will probably be the latter.  My copy of Family Tree Maker for Mac 3 somehow corrupted my family tree so that it won’t sync/upload to Ancestry.  I meant to try to fix that but didn’t take the time to do so.  I am not too worried about losing the data and information I have as I have a “Time Machine” backup of the files.  I also have “Crash Plan” which is a great cloud backup system.  It certainly reminds me of the importance of multiple levels of backup. 

And last, but not least, as I write this I’m in the middle of a move and am really busy cleaning and painting woodwork, patching walls, and otherwise making the house in Georgia ready for sale.  By the time this posts I should be in Maine having closed on a new house on the 30th.  The household goods should be delivered (on June 1st) and I should be unpacking and otherwise getting my office and other things together. Hopefully, by the weekend I’ll have an office cobbled together, a computer up and back in business.

Although my memory is not what it once was, I’ll try to remember some of Mary’s life. She is on the Darling/Swayze/Beardsly/Harvey line. Some records indicate her name as Mary Harvey, some as Marie Harvie. As I continue my research on her I’ll make a decision regarding which name I believe is more accurate.

I am looking forward to the move to Maine. It will be close to my wife’s family and very close to the beach and great seafood.

Mary Harvey (Marie Harvie)  (c.1605 – c.1680) 
Mary Harvey was born in England around 1605.  She married William Beardsley in England around 1630. They had three children in England. About 1635 the family came to America. They arrived in Mass. Her husband was adjudged a freeman in Boston. They had at least one more child while in Boston. about 1639 the family relocated to Connecticut and was one of the founding families there. 

I know that Mary had many more children, possibly as many as a dozen children total, but I haven’t had the opportunity to confirm the information. 

It is my plan to update this entry sometime in the next couple months to update what I think I know about Mary including sources and new information about her. 

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