Eliza Jane Fannin (1861-1882)

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 25 – Eliza Jane Fannin (1861-1882)

 Sometimes it is
necessary to go back to the drawing board. 
My records on my 2nd great grandparents is abysmal.  I have a couple documents.  One is a paragraph titled, “Family History” and
in the corner is written “oral history.” 
Of course, it doesn’t have anything about who said it or when.  It is fairly old, it might go back to the
1970s, probably the 1980’s, although I’m not sure.  The second
document is is a copy of a sheet titled “Family History Carter County – KY. “
It is more of a chart than prose about the family.  I don’t know where it came from either but I think it probably came from about the same time.  Maybe it will become evident when I go back
though all of the resources that I have on Joe (John) Mannin, his wife Eliza
Jane Fannin, and the rest of the Mannin clan.
From “Family History”
“Joe (John) Mannin
(one half Cherokee) & Eliza Jane Fannin Parents of Phebe Mannin (Brown)
(Richmond) (Upton).  Charlie Mannin
brother of Joe fought opposite of Joe in the Civil war, Joe Conferate [sic]
& Charlie Union. Joe Mannin’s parents were Enoch Mannin & Minerva
Tolliver (full Cherokee). Nancy Ann Mannin (Joe’s sister) married Jesse Monroe
Barnett. Jesse’s son Enoch married Elizabeth Warner & are Zachariah Barnett’s parents. Zackariah married Estella (Brown) Barnett. Jesse Monroe
Barnett was a drummer boy in the civil war & run along side of Lincoln’s
horse at Gettysburg & played his drum. Mary Jones was Joe Mannin’s sister
and raised Phebe Mannin from a baby as her mother died when she was born.
(Enoch Barnett disappeared when Zachariah was 15, we went to northern Minnesota
to work in the logging camps & never came home.)”
[Note: I’ve added punctuations where appropriate.]

There are a number of bits of
information in this document that I am sure are not true.  Once you find one certain error the rest
become questionable.  We know that Joe (John)
William Mannin, the son of Enoch Mannin, fought for the Union.

The National Archives has a
wonderful record that I found though
Fold 3

[i] that
is John William Mannin’s Volunteer Enlistment. What is really great about the
document is that John was only 17 years old when he enlisted and his father, Enoch, gave his consent.  The
names, places,  and dates are all spot
on. Enoch also enlisted on the same date.

Discover yourself at 23andMeSimilarly, this record states that
his mother Minerva was full Cherokee. As descendants of hers, I would expect my
mother to have some portion of Native American blood. All things being equal I
would expect my mother to be about 1/16th (6.5%)Native American.  An autosomal DNA Test from

23 & Me

indicated that that she is 99.8% European. 
Now, I know that because of the “stickiness” of DNA through the
generations it is fairly possible that the Native American segments were
lost.  However,  none of the cousins (descended from Minerva) I have been in contact with that have had DNA testing with have any Native
American either. Because of this, I find that Minerva being full Cherokee as being native
unlikely. Additionally, Minerva is never
reported in any of the Census reports as being “Indian.”  Finally, I have not been able to find a
Charlie Mannin as a brother of Joe in any of the census reports or other
documents.  Possibly “Charlie” was a cousin or other relative and was considered like “a brother.”   

Much of the other material is
accurate, but because I know several of the “facts” are incorrect, I am loathe
to accept any of it.

The other document I have regarding
“Family History Carter County – KY” is easy to read. It says:

Family History
Carter County – KY
(Joe) John W.
Mannin (1/2 Cherokee)      }          Aunt Mary Brown
            Eliza Jane Fannin                              }         Phebe Jane Uptons Parents
Sold their land to
Charlie Mannin brother of John after Civil War. They fought on opposite sides
according to Victoria Brown’s letter to Lila Cole.  (John for South)
Enoch Mannin –
John (Joe’s) father  }  Phebe Uptons
Minerva Tolliver –
Full Cherokee    }  Grandparents
Nancy Ann Mannin
Barnett – Sister to (Joe) John – Phebe’s Father
Married Jesse
Monroe Burnett (Drummer boy for North in Civil War)
Elizabeth Warner
Barnett (Her mother was a Horn) Father Zachariah Warner
Enoch Mannin
Barnett         – Jessie Monroe’s son
                                                  Nancy Ann’s son
Aunt Mary & Tommy
Jones Raised Phebe from a small baby as her mother died at her birth
Aunt Mary Jones
later married George Gates
Aunt Mary Jones
and John (Joe) Mannin  (Phebe’s father)
were Brother & sister.
It is fairly clear that this
document and the other document had different authors, however, both documents
contain some of the same information. What this does do is solidify what we
believe to be family history (oral).  I
have little doubt the family believed Joe (John) fought for the South and that
they believed that Minerva was Cherokee.
I have about an inch of materials,
documents, that I need to go through (including a transcript of the letter from
Victoria Brown), catalog the sources where I can, and incorporate the
information into my tree. We will see if anything about John and Eliza becomes clarified as wade through the information.

So, here is what I think I know about Eliza Jane Fannin.

Bio Eliza Jane Fannin

She was born about 1861 in
She married John Mannin probably
about 1875,
She had two children, Mary
Elizabeth was born in 1876, although it could have been 1877.
In 1880 she lived in Pine Grove, Rowan
County, Kentucky with her husband and daughter Mary.[iii] [Note: Rowan and Carter counties adjoin.] 
She died December 1881 or December
1882, probably in Carter County Kentucky, giving birth to her second child

Although I know very little about my 2nd great grandmother, Eliza Jane Fannin.

List of Greats

Mary Elizabeth Manning
Eliza Jane Fannin

———- DISCLAIMER ———-

I am sorry that I messed writing
about David Swayze (Week 23) and Marion Sanford (Week 24). Due to my moving
from Georgia to Maine and due to a computer hard disk crash (which left me
computerless for 27 days), I was unable to write the past two weeks. I hope to be able to catch back up with them later.

Next week I plan to write about
Rufus Harry Darling, my wife’s great grandfather.  

[i] www.fold3.com/image/#232425255
NARA M397. Compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in
[ii] 1880 Census – Place: Pine Grove, Rowan, Kentucky; Roll: 441; Family History Film: 1254441;
Page: 453B; Enumeration District: 114; Image: 0110
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