Alice Mulligan Swayze (1769-1850)

52 Ancestors #20 – Alice Mulligan Swayze (1769-1850)

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There are times when I am afraid that I might be perpetuating
mistakes of others.  Although I do not
have any certain issues with what I think I know about Alice Mulligan Swayze, I
have no original sources for anything.  I
do have, what I believe to be fairly reliable, references from the Daughters of
the American Revolution (DAR) and from the Sons of the American Revolution
(SAR).  I also have references to Alice
in a couple books, and finally I have references to her from a government from
years after her death.  Nothing that I have
is direct evidence.  I understand I can
purchase some copies of the material used in some of the DAR submissions; I
will probably need to do that in the future. I don’t know if the SAR has the
same or similar program.  Their website
is a bit more complicated and difficult to figure out.

Like most colonial period females, there is nothing about her
directly that I have found. References to her are based upon her husband’s
activities and actions.  David Swayze
married her; there is never a mention about her marrying him.  In any event, here is what I think I know.

Bio – Alice Mulligan

Cecil County, Maryland
Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons 

Alice was born 22 May 1769 in Cecil, Maryland[i].  I do not have her parent’s information.

She married David Swayze 20 Jan 1792 also in Cecil, Maryland[ii],
although it is possible that she married David earlier in 1788[iii].

Sometime before 1812, she located with her husband to New Salem,
Fairfield County, Ohio.

By 1829, her husband was a class leader & church officer;
circuit preachers made their home there & for years the M.E. preaching,
prayer meetings & class meetings were held at her house[ii].

Alice died 03 Jan 1850 in Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio[iv].

List of Greats

Rufus Harry Darling
Elizabeth Jane Swayze
David Swayze

Further Research.

      Get documents
originally used for DAR & SAR Applications.


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Genealogical Research Databases
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