Lewis Bryan (1755-1830)

52 Ancestors #8 – Lewis Bryan (1755-1830)

Birth:  2 March 1755 – Oak City, Halifax County, North Carolina.

There are several sources regarding Lewis’ birth that indicate he was born on March 2nd, the year is somewhat in question.  The best is a Roots Web message board where a person indicates that he or she has access to a bible with the 2 March date but the year was difficult to read, but thought it said 1756. I definitely want to see if I can get a copy of the page to confirm it myself.  Two of the DAR descendants records indicate birth year as 1756 as well. Another possibility is 1757.  The “Martin County Heritage” article by Sara Long Johnson indicates 1757; so does a different DAR descendant record (Nat’l #: 710397).

Excerpt from 1800 Census – North Carolina, Martin, Halifax, Pg 3
Thanks: Ancestry.Com

However, I believe that Lewis was born in 1755 (or earlier). The 1800 Census indicates that Lewis was 45 or older. With his birthday being in March, he had to have been born in 1755 or earlier in order to be “45 or older” for the census enumeration in August of 1800.

Oak City was in Halifax County until 1774, when Martin County was created.


I believe there may have been three marriages.  one about 1777, a second marriage about 1787 and, possibly, a third marriage on about the time of John’s birth in 1788.

It is not really clear when Lewis married Lucretia. All three of the DAR Descendant records indicate he married in 1788. However, either there was a first wife or Lewis and Lucretia “lived in sin” for a number of years.  I believe there was a first wife, whose name we do not know.


  • 1878 – Catherine
  • 1779 – Turner
  • 1781 – Mary
  • 1783 – Silas
    (Possible 2nd marriage between 1783 & 1788)
  • 1788 – John
    (Possible 3rd marriage in 1788? )

All of the DAR records are consistent that Lewis’s parents, Robert and Elizabeth Bryan, died on the same date, 3 April 1794.

Lewis lived in Martin County all of his life. In 1797, he lived in “District 7.” Likewise, the 1800 Census indicates they lived in Martin County.

His son, Turner, was married in 1802 and his son John married in 1810.

His wife Lucretia probably died in December, 1829.  I suggest that because Lewis signed a new will on Dec. 24, 1830.  His new will did not mention his wife.  It does mention the following:

  • Daughter: Catherine Hyman
  • Son: Turner Bryan
  • Son: Silus Bryan
  • Son: William Bryan
  • Son: John Bryan
  • Daughter: Mary P Mayo

It also mentions a Granddaughter: Sally Hyman.

 (Note: Although William was named to receive some items directly, he was not mentioned to receive a portion of the remaining inheritance.)


The DAR records indicate that Lewis died on 24 December, 1829.  This is the date he signed his will, so, it is unlikely his actual death date.  The “Martin County Heritage” article and another researcher on the Roots Web Board indicate that Lewis died on 6 January, 1830, which is a much more likely date.  Lewis’ will was probated during the April 1830 session of the court.  I believe that the 6 January, 1830 date is the correct date for Lewis’ passing.


In his will, Lewis asked that his body “be committed to mother Earth.”   Searches at Find-a-Grave and at Billion Graves did not result in finding a marked gravesite.  Likewise, a search of various sites regarding cemeteries in Martin County did not return any results. Other documents indicate that there was once a “Bryan Family Cemetery.” I have been unable to associate that cemetery with any cemeteries in the area. This is definitely an area for further research.

The Great Ancestors

  1. Deborah Ann Long
  2. Martha Ann Bryan
  3. John Bryan
  4. Lewis Bryan 
  5. Robert Bryan (Patriot)

Future Action Items:

  • Confirm Bible Record.
  • Confirm Robert & Elizabeth Bryan died same date, 3 April 1794.
  • Document mention of the “Bryan family cemetery,” (make sure my memory isn’t thinking of a “Price family cemetery or something else), find where it may exist today, then search for Lewis Bryan’s marker.


If you have any thoughts, agreements or disagreements regarding any of my statements, findings, or thoughts, please leave a comment or email me directly.  I would love to share research on North Carolina’s Martin County Bryans.


5 thoughts on “Lewis Bryan (1755-1830)”

  1. Hi, I wonder if you can help me clarify which Robert Bryan was Lewis' father, and who his brothers might have been.

    My ancestor, Miles Bembry, was married to Needham Bryan's daughter Ann. Needham was the son of one of the Robert Bryans I have never seen any documentation that Lewis was Needham's brother, BUT Miles lived very near to, and had a lot of dealings with Lewis and Turner Bryan. And all three of them lived near Needham and one of the Roberts in Martin county!

    Miles Bembry is my brick wall, and I am hoping that by researching the families closely associated with him, I might be able to figure out who his father was and where the Bembry family came from. Thanks for any information you can provide!

  2. I am also researching Lewis Bryan. His son, Silas Bryan, is my 3rd GGF. Silas Bryan supposedly married a Margaret Coleman. Their daughter, Jane Bryan Lisenbe (Aaron Lisenbe) is my 2nd GGM. I am trying to find more information on Lewis and his father.

  3. I have found where a “Patent” was issued on 10 Dec 1760 to a Robert Bryan. Source: Halifax County N.C. Land Grants – Secretary of State- Land Grants Record Books 1693-1960. Grant # was 82; File # 14. 520 acres on Conotoe Creek.
    If I am not mistaken, Lewis lived around Conotoe Creek. This was before Martin County was formed. It was Halifax County. This might be something someone else might be able to clarify.’

  4. I am researching my hubby’s Martin Co Bryan/Bryant lines and would like to correspond with others to break through some brick walls. My husband comes through William Bryant (?-1762 Halifax Co will) and Jean Andrews, through their son Jesse (c. 1730/36-1786 will Martin Co) who married Zipporah Cain (NOT NANCY ZIPPORAH HINTON — THIS IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER), through their son Nathan Bryant c 1758-1835 Pike Co GA who married Rebecca LITTLE. Nathan is DAR A016271 (not to be confused with another Nathan Bryan who is the son of Col Hardy Bryan and is DAR #A016272). Somehow my William connects with Robert Bryan who married Ann Hickman; their sons Elias and Needham (who married Zipporah’s sister Jerusha CAIN) witnessed deeds and wills on William-Jesse-Nathan’s line but I cannot find a concrete connection (or the answer is staring me in the face and I can’t see it). Would love to correspond/exchange info on any possible connections. Tina Lusby, Santa Fe, NM

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