Autosomal DNA Test Results

After my success with the Y-DNA test and close match, I thought I’d try out the autosomal DNA (atDNA), test and see what it brings. I was in one of the first Ancestry Beta test groups and was really excited to take the test and see what I might find out.  I received the test in the mail, swabbed my cheek and sent it in.  Then I waited, and waited, and waited.  Oh did I mention that I waited. After and inexorable amount of time, I received a notification that my sample was inconsistent and needed to be taken later.  I had to reapply for a test (no charge) and they sent me a salvia vial. I’ve since learned that they only use the vial any longer for the atDNA test. 
After several weeks I received notification that the test was complete. Sadly nothing of interest.  No surprises in my genetic ethnicity. 
Genetic Ethnicity Summary = 75% British Isles, 13% Central European, 7% Scandinavian, 5% Uncertain.
Well, maybe. There has been a family story that my third great-grandmother was Cherokee Indian. If true that would amount to about 3.1% which could make up some of that uncertainty amount. They mention that as time goes on some of the uncertain identifications may become identifiable.  So maybe, someday I’ll learn if the legend is true.  Better yet, maybe I’ll find someone with a matrilineal ancestry that includes her and can do a Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) test. 
There were no individuals identifies as first, second, or third cousins.  Currently there are 61 people with whom I have a 95% or higher likelihood of being a fourth to sixth cousin with. Although I have had a few close matches, one with the same surname (Fannin) in the Carter County, Kentucky I am yet to find any one with a common ancestor. That means we aren’t fourth cousins, maybe fifth or sixth.  I only have my lineage back four generations on that line. None of the other “matches” are even close — disappointing.  Of course, I get excited when I have a match that has a common surname of Roberts.  None of them have an ancestor which has a common match to my  Roberts Notional work.  That is not to say that none of the other testers don’t have a match. I’ve emailed several folks that matched but have a private tree who haven’t responded.  I’ll probably try again soon and see if I can nudge a few responses. 
Generally, I’ve been unimpressed with the Ancestry Autosomal Test results.  The test is a lot of money to learn what I already knew or would have supposed.  My ancestors are mostly from the “British Isles” (I disagree with calling Ireland “British Isles” as would most Irish) and Central European (although I’ve always thought of France and Germany as Western Europe). 

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