Tarleton Mannin & Pension Apps

Today’s lesson is to remember to check the same record in different places.  
In my line I have several Tarlton/Tarleton/Tarlelon Mannin’s.  I had been seeing a number of records on other people’s tree that associate one particular Tarlton to a civil war record.  Nothing I had in my records would definitively associate the civil war record with one of two Tarleton Mannins.


Tarleton Mannin, b 1844 in Carter, County, Kentucky, is my third great uncle. I have a lot of information about him there is another Tarleton Mannin, born 1841 in Greenup County which is only one county away.  The other family tree records I saw on line ascribed the civil war record to the 1844 Tarlton, however, other than proximity of enlistment I really didn’t see anything that was a definitive link between that record and that person. The compiled Service Record (on Fold3) didn’t help. I had a copy of his entry from the Civil War Pension Index. (From Ancestry)  I figured someone had to have seen something there that definitively associated that civil war record to him. Maybe someone ordered a copy of his pension application. Ancestry.Com had his index card which gives his application and certificate numbers 873304 & 947409 and that he filed it on 14 July 1890. Those are the numbers needed to order a copy of his application from the National Archives.    It costs $80 to order a copy so it isn’t something I’d do for an uncle unless there might be some clear information on an ancestor. 

Image of Tarlton Mannin Civil War Department
Fold 3

Fold 3 is a great site for military records, so I thought I check it out and see if there was anything new there (they add material constantly).  On a whim, I thought I’d see what other pension applications were there.  His brother Enoch was there, but he wasn’t. There was a Farleton Mannin.  Could this be my Tarlton?  Sure enough is was. The Application and Certificate numbers matched with the other document I had. So did the date of filing.  But the Fold3 version indicated that Farleton died Mar 10, 1916 at Sherburne, Kentucky. Right death date, right company and regiment, odd indexing, but clearly my Tarleton. A solid link between my Tarleton and the Civil War Record through his pension application.  I feel comfortable that the Compiled Service Record we have is for Tarleton Mannin, b1844.

I am reminded to check the same record in multiple places if possible. They just might be different.

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