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I have been trying many different cloud storage solutions.  I use Drop Box to share working drafts of
various documents with other church members. 
It works really well.  I love how
it alerts me when another board member makes a change to a file. 
I have also been using Google Docs to share files with my
wife, family members, and friends.  It is
super the way it integrates with Picasa and provides a great platform for
sharing pictures.
I also use Syncplicity. 
It is a cool little program that sync’s my genealogy files off site.  I really like it; the free version provides 2GB of data space but the paid plan is excessively expensive.  At $15/month for 50GB, which would not be
enough, it is the most expensive of the various plans for off-site storage.
Having been in Computer Security for many years, I
understand the importance of having off-site backups.  I have known that the hodgepodge of things I
have been using are not really safe and effective.  I needed to put together a plan for myself.  I really like my local backup program.  Being a Mac owner, I find Time Machine is very
awesome.  Set it and forget it.  It is awesome.  I have a 2TB, USB connected backup drive,
which provides plenty of storage for my modest 320GB local drive.  Nevertheless, I really want to get something
off-site – just in case.
I considered four different off-site backup solution
providers.  (I did not consider Norton
Online Backup because of a past negative experience.)  They were, Back Blaze, Carbonite, Crash Plan,
and Mozy.
In considering a cloud (off-site) backup solution, I looked
at price, ease of use, and reviews.  I
quickly dropped Mozy Home from consideration. 
At $5.99 per month for 50GB and $9.99 per month for 125GB, it was just
too expensive.
I have several friends that use Carbonite.  At $4.92 per month for unlimited it was
definitely a contender.  I could be happy
with the basic “Home” version, as I do not need the External Hard Drive Backup
or the mirror image backup.
Then I looked at Back Blaze and Crash Plan.  They were both $4.17/month on a 1-year plan and
included unlimited storage.  Back Blaze does
not backup your Operating System nor your Applications.  It does backup attached storage, however,
that is not important in my case because the attached storage is only a backup.
 Moreover, really, if I have a catastrophic
problem I am not going to want to reinstall all my apps, even if I could
remember all the apps I have.  Crash Plan
Plus appears to back up everything and have unlimited space for the same price.
From my research, I had a good idea of the products I
thought were desirable.  I then Goggled “online
backup services reviews 2012” and started looking. ‘s writer Tim Fisher said his favorite
was Crash Plan Plus.
Computerworld’s review of “Five Backup Services keep yourData Safe” liked Crash Plan except that it took way to long to upload the first
time.  They then selected Mozy Home as
their selection.  I really do not care
about the several daylong upload times to get things started, but I can see
where some others might be.  The bottom
line is I selected Crash Plan Plus.  I
downloaded the 31-day free trial with the intent to purchase the plan the first
of next year if it works as well as I think it will.

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  1. I've been using Crash Plan for over two years and am still really happy with it. I had a minor problem when I changed routers because I needed to change the default gateway in Crash Plan. About a week after I changed the router I received an email from Crash Plan indicating that the backups were not occurring. I contacted Crash Plan's support and they helped me get it back operational. I've only needed to restore a couple files from Crash Plan but the process was very easy. The product provides a nice peace of mind. I highly recommend it.

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